About Us

Brighten up the world with a new idea.

Introduction to Gaon Hi-Tech


Company Name Gaon High Tech Co., Ltd Date of establishment February 27, 2012
CEO AHN SEONG IN Business field Power supply and Energy storage unit
H.Q and Factory 5F, Hansolcosmetics Bldg. 79, Heungan-daero 427beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Contact Number : 031-688-0600 Fax : 031-688-0099
Parent company Telcom International Co., Ltd.

Company philosophy

  • Honesty

    Our motto is to be honest with the government, honest with the customer, and honest with ourselves.

  • Customer orientation

    We believe that an honest company is a company that satisfies customers and society.

  • Advanced Challenge

    We are a company that challenges new technologies that other companies can't.

  • Green Environment

    We support the green energy policy to reduce energy waste for the future of the Earth.

  • Social Responsibility

    We are a company that shares the interests of consumers, workers, and communities.

Vision and Core Value

Always Different Thinking

Family-friendly company

  • Creating a family friendly workplace culture

    Creating a family-friendly culture so that workers can harmonize their company and family life

  • Life with commas

    Employee vacation expense support project (government and company), overseas travel expenses and vacation for long-term employees

  • Family-friendly work system

    Flexible work, jet lag, flexible work, regular work

  • Family-friendly expenses support

    Support for childbirth and admission graduation, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and child expenses

  • Horizontal organizational culture

    Simplify decision making in less than 3 steps with a horizontal organizaion

  • E-welfare

    Serving snacks such as coffee and tea, bread and sweets

Family-friendly company
The company's social responsibility is the foundation for sustainable growth.
  • legal, economic and ethical social responsibility of interested parties
  • Effort to protect the earth’s climate change, environmental pollution, and nature
  • Efforts to develop local communities rather than creating corporate profits
  • Anti-corruption gender equality, gender equality and safe workplace creation
  • Satisfying the diverse interests of consumers, workers and communities
  • Improving working conditions that are fair and respect human rights