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  • KRF European repeater PSU development
  • Samji Electronics Japan Jtower 5G DAS PSU development
  • Samji Electronics develops new SUB-L & H for NSN in Japan
  • Developed PSU for outdoor repeater for LGU+ 5G
  • Samji Electronics Japan DOCOMO PSU development


  • December Family Friendly Entrepreneurship Certificate [Ministry of Gender Equality and Family]
  • October Risk Assessment Certification [Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency]
  • July Trade Association Regular Member
  • March Performance Sharing Company Certification [Small and Medium Venture Business Minister]
  • PSU supply for double wave TICN
  • Samji Electronics LGU + 5G GDW470-485012-C supply
  • Samji Electronics LGU + 5G GDA120-4812A-M supply
  • Supplied GDW470-485012-C for Solid LGU + 5G
  • Supplied of GDA120-4812A-M for Solid LGU + 5G


  • June Head office and factory relocation (Anyang, Pyongchon)
  • Supplied of spec core aircraft related parts
  • Supplied of AC / DC 12KW for Tacan by Korea Airports Corporation
  • PSU supplied for DME of Korea Airports Corporation
  • LIGNEX1 (Humedia) PSU supply for military next generation satellite communication
  • PSU supplied for HUMedia RADAR SSPA
  • Supplied GPW250F5R8-C-JT to Samji Electronics Japan J-towe


  • Supplied GPW300F2906-CM to Samji Electronics Femtocell
  • Supplied GPW700F-485R8-C-JT to Samji Electronics Japan
  • Supplied GPW250F5R6-C-JT to Samji Electronics Japan
  • Supplied GPW300F295R6-CM for DKK to Samji Electronics Japan
  • Supplied GPW50F5R6-C for DKK to Samji Electronics Japan
  • Supplied GPW250F5R6-C for DKK to Samji Electronics Japan


  • Supplied GPW620F-2806-CG-R to Sprint for Altron USA
  • Supplied QDOR MIMO GDA120-4805-M to LGU + of Samji Electronics
  • Supplied MCA900 GDA3-1212-C to Wave Electro HiKE
  • Supplied QDOR MIMO GPW850F-482406-CM to LGU + of Samji Electronics
  • Supplied QDOR MIMO GPW750F-4806-C-SN to LGU + of Samji Electronics
  • Supplied GPW200F3009-CM to Wave Electron Femtocell
  • Supplied GPW100F-05-C-A Samji Electronics AC/DC


  • December Anyang Mayor’s Award [Anyang City]
  • May Certification of Technology-Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Innoviz) [Minister of SMEs and Startups]
    Gyeonggi Provincial Governor's Commendation Award [Gyeonggi Province]
  • Elevator non-compliance systems GEM-100 supply
  • SOLID (Samsung Electronics) GDA50-4805-CS supply for GPS to KDDI, Japan
  • Supplied Wave Electro DC / DC GPC120-0515-C-1
  • Supplied GDW100-480603-CS-T for TWM to Samji Electronics Taiwan
  • Supplied GDW600F-2806-CS-T for TWM to Samji Electronics Taiwan
  • Supplied GEM-200 to Elevator emergency lighting device
  • Supplied GDA100-4010-CW for TYCO to Wave Electro US
  • Supplied QDOR CPRI GPW750F-4806-C-SL to LGU+ of Samji Electronics
  • Digital Dream Korea Airports Corporation TACAN GPA10KF-52-CA supply
  • Supplied GDA70-1505-M to Wave Electro TMA
  • Acquisition of patent – Charging electrics and their control methods with balancing of super capacitor


  • Supplied UDEC2 GPA300F-48-LS to solid Hitachi
  • Supplied Wave Electro Adapter GAD15-05
  • Supplied NEW TMA GDA100F-05CW to Wave Electro HiKE
  • Supplied PSU GDW30240512-DM for M2I touch panel
  • Samji Electronics Japan PSN (JMCIA) GPA100F-05-C-SP supply
  • Samji Electronics Japan PSN (JMCIA) GPW300F-4805-CG-SP supply
  • Samji Electronics Japan J-tower GPA-100F-05-C-C supply
  • Samji Electronics Japan J-tower GPW300F-2805-C supply
  • Supplied of Wave Electro AC / DC GPW350F-2812-CW
  • Supplied GPW30F-0512-DM for M2I touch panel
  • Supplied GDA50-4805-CS to KDDI to Solid Japan KDDI


  • Jun Venture Business Certificate (R&D Company) [Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation]
  • Supplied LTE (UDEC) DCW-4930B to Solid Hitachi
  • Supplied LCS GPA100F-05-C to KMW AbuDhabi
  • Supplied DCW-4930 2.1G to Wave Electro HiKE
  • Supplied for Samji Electronics J-Tower GPW300F-2805-C
  • Supplied for Samji Electronics J-Tower GPA100F-05-CA
  • Supplied ITMA GDW100480515-C-WH to Wave Electro HiKE
  • Supplied for Wave Electro WiMax2 GPW900F-4812-V
  • Supplied for KMW UAE LCS GPA-50F-05-CK


  • Oct iSO9001, 14001 certified
  • Sep Establishment of Corporate Affiliated Research Institute [Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association]
  • Feb Established Gaon Hi-Tech Corporation
  • Supplied WPS-75 for optometrical machine to Unicoscopy Co., Ltd.
  • Supplied SPD60D to Samsung Electronics Network Division
  • Supplied DCW-4930 A for Hitachi to Wave Electro
  • Supplied PSU DCS-1013 for Vision Hi-Tech Vision Camera
  • Supplied PSU350-2448-12-SJ for SRRH of Samji Electronics
  • Supplied Wave Electro to Japan GPC120-0515-C for international electricity
  • Supplied GDA100-2405-C for MTMA to HIKE ELECTRIC in Japan
  • Supplied HMT AC/DC GPA600F-200-C