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R & D center

Since its establishment in September 2012, The R&D center of Gaon High Tech has been striving to become a company that continues to challenge cutting-edge technologies and new businesses, respond to various demands such as miniaturization, versatility, and high efficiency of products, and realize customer benefits.

We are improving our R&D capabilities through overseas technical training, participation in industry-academic joint development projects and attending seminars, and are striving to become laboratories that can maximize individual abilities.

Core Technology

Our R&D center has excellent ability to design high efficiency, miniaturization, and heat distribution of power supplies. They develop products that do not fail even in hot and humid conditions.
  • High efficiency design

    We have the know-how in heat distribution to prevent heat loss of Transformers, FETs and Diodes, so we have the technology to prevent power loss of power supply and minimize switching loss of SMPS.

  • Heat dissipation design

    We distribute Transformer, FET, DIODE etc. so that the heat is not concentrated in one place, and design a structure that allows heat to be released directly to the outside through the heat sink to suppress the heat.

  • Protection circuit

    We have the ability to design output over-current protection circuits, output over-voltage protection circuits, output short-circuit protection circuits, overheating protection circuits, and automatic recovery circuits for power supplies. We have several intellectual properties, including patents on hiccup mode protection circuits.

Core competencies

  • Short development time

    We have engineers with abundant experience and ability and can check real-time inventory of major materials such as power pack, so we can respond to customer demand for short time development.

  • special specification design

    We share design technology with major suppliers of raw materials such as power pack and ultra capacitor, and can order special specifications that cannot be purchased through other agencies.

  • New technology application

    Because new product information is shared with major material suppliers, new technology can be provided to customers most quickly, and line stop of customers can be prevented by knowing and responding to the schedule of material production suspension and specification change plan in advance.

  • Stability Design

    We have our own testing equipment, such as a surge test, temperature & humidity test and dielectric withstand voltage test and we develop reliable products by designing them with more severe environmental conditions than the customer's use environment.

Reserch equipment

  • 보유장비이미지

    ATS (Automatic Test System)

  • 보유장비이미지

    ROHS testing equipment

  • 보유장비이미지

    Energy Storage Module testing equipment

  • 보유장비이미지

    Surge test equipment

  • 보유장비이미지

    Temperature and Humidity Chamber Facility

  • 보유장비이미지

    Electrical testing equipment

Certificate and Patent

Certificate of Technology Research Institute

  • Certificate of Technology Research Institute

    Certificate of Technology Research Institute

Patent Certificate

  • control of linear pulse width modulation

    control of linear pulse width modulation

  • switching for multi-out put power supply

    switching for multi-out put power supply

  • Hiccup mode over current protect circuit

    Hiccup mode over current protect circuit

  • Active balancing of Super capacitor

    Active balancing of Super capacitor