About Us

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We do quality control with the belief that "quality is an order", supply it at a competitive price,
deliver it in a short delivery time, and develop new products in a short time.

Quality control System

  • Zero claim challenge

    We are challenging zero customer defect rates with the quality goal of "Quality is an order", and once we have used our products, we make sure that the customer becomes an steady customer.

  • Nonstop line

    Products that are defective in the manufacturing line are more likely to be claim again during use by the customer. We are challenging 100% of the process's direct run rate without line stopping in the production process.

  • Automatic Test System

    The products are tested with ATS (Automatic Test System) equipment to reduce the subjective judgment of worker and measurement error of the inspectors. The test data is saved as a file for customer service.

  • 100% Burning Test

    When the electrical test of the product is finished, all products go through the Bur-in test for aging, and all products are shipped after confirming that there are no defects in aging.

  • Standard sample

    We have standard sample of manufacturing products to prevent possible measurement errors during electrical tests and inspections.

  • Quality control report

    All product test data and inspection reports are saved in the computer as files and the product history is preserved for customer service.

Competitive price

  • 01Direct purchase from maker

    We can offer our customers a more competitive price than our competitors because we buy on special price for the parts directly from the manufacturer.

  • 02Having an Automatic Test System

    It takes 30 to 40 minutes to test the electrical characteristics manually, but if you use ATS, you can finish it within 3 to 5 minutes, saving labor costs.

  • 03Safety control of inventory

    We have been equipped with an ERP system since the beginning of the company's establishment and managing proper inventory management and preventing long-term unused inventory. After production is finished, we manage the inventory so that the actual inventory is the same as the ERP inventory.

  • 04Design ability

    If the engineer’s design ability is insufficient, we can't make good quality and competitive price products. We have engineers with much experience and ability to make competitive products.

  • 05Test equipment's

    We have test equipment necessary for electrical testing and inspections of products, for development, and equipment for reliability testing, so we can reduce production costs.

Short Delivery

Sometimes the delivery date is more important than the price. Our company has abundant experience and ability to respond to customers' short delivery

  • Manufactures' representative and Manufacture

    Major components such as Power Pack, which are needed to produce our products, are supplied directly from the manufacturer. We maintain a close relationship with the manufacturer, and we can see the manufacturer's real-time inventory, so we can respond to the short delivery.

  • Blanking Order

    We can issue a blanking order to the parts supplier before order orders, so we can respond to the short delivery time that customers want.

  • surplus stock

    We are also an agency that sells parts, so we can actively respond to uncertain projects because parts are unlikely to become long-term unused stocks.

  • Real-time inventory

    We are doing real-time inventory management to prevent production problems caused by parts shortage in the next lot due to loss materials.

Fast Development

  • abundant experience and ability

    We can respond the short development period of our customers with our engineers’ rich experience and ability, fast supply of raw materials, and fast preparation for mass production.

  • Technical Support

    We improve product design and manufacturing technology through technology exchange with major raw material manufacturers, can order customized special specifications, and receive technical support to prevent mass production problems.

  • Technical training

    Through technical training and seminars with key suppliers of major materials, we are the first to supply products with new technologies to our customers.

  • New Product Information

    We receive the fastest information from major material manufacturers about new product launches, suspension of mass production, and changes in product specifications. This can be delivered to customers to prevent confusion and damage caused by sudden product discontinuation.