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Elevator Emergency lighting

When a person is riding an elevator and suddenly a power outage occurs, the elevator stops, darkens the room and becomes embarrassed, which makes him psychologically anxious. The elevator emergency lighting system is designed to turn on the LED inside the elevator in the event of a power outage and supply power to the emergency call system to notify the outside of the elevator failure. This product uses a lithium-ion battery to significantly improve to brightness (5 lux) and usage time (up to 7 hours : LED lighting only).

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E-newspaper excerpt (published date : 2014.12.22)

‘The end’ to worry about the elevator power outage… Gaon Hi-Tech launches elevator emergency power supply

Even when the elevator stopped due to a power outage, the emergency power system came out without worrying.
Gaon Hi-Tech (CEO AHN, SEONG IN) announced on the 22nd that it has released the elevator emergency power supply “GEM-100.” Which has significantly improved the brightness and usage time of lighting.
This product can light up LED lights for up to 7 hours and 50 minutes with brightness of more than 5 lux. Compared to existing products that last for more than an hour with 2 lux brightness, brightness has more than doubled and usage time has more than 7 times.
In addition to lighting, the company explained that even if you use the emergency telephone inside the elevator at the same time, you can use it for over an hour and a half.
For this, Gaon Hi-Tech replaced the nickel cadmium battery with a lithium-ion method. As it is for emergency use, Samsung SDI and LG Chemical batteries are adopted to increase reliability.
The cost burden of battery replacement was solved with technology. Unlike existing products that used 12V voltage to power LED lights, it was designed for 3.5V. 3.5V is sufficient as a power supply for lighting.
Instead, the emergency phone is supplied at 12V to optimize battery use.
AHN SEONG IN, CEO of Gaon Hi-Tech, said, "As the law on emergency power devices for elevators has been strengthened since September, demand for replacement of emergency power devices will reach 300,000 units next year. The GEM-100 will increase safety and usage time, but rather, the cost of replacement will be reduced due to the low price of the product."


  • GEM-100A KC Certificate

    GEM-100A KC Certificate

  • GEM-200A KC Certificate

    GEM-200A KC Certificate

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