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Energy Storage Device

Our energy storage module uses Ultra capacitor with less internal resistance (ESR) than the battery, which is useful when instant high power is needed. There is less performance degradation during charging and discharging and can be used at high temperatures (+65°C) and low temperatures (-40°C).

Advantages of Ultra Capacitor

  • High efficiency
    Active Balancing circuit reduces energy loss during charge and discharge and prevents performance degradation of the capacitor.
  • High current
    We have the know-how of production technology to reduce current loss during charging and discharging, so we can supply higher power (current) than our competitors.
  • high temperature
    Storage temperature is up to + 85℃, there is little thermal runaway during charging and discharging, and it can be used at high temperature (+65 ℃) and low temperature (-40℃).
  • Long life time
    Even when frequently charged and discharged, the performance is less degraded and the life time is longer than the battery.
  • Maintenance Cost
    It has fewer failures and longer lifespan than a battery, so it has less maintenance costs than a battery.
  • Authorized Certificate
    We are certified integrator for design, packaging, and manufacturing of ultra capacitor from Maxwell Technologies.

Power Storage Module Application

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